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Your Pet's Staycation: Boarding

Why let your dogs sit at home when they can have fun and play all day

Better than a Pet Sitter

Going on vacation? Leaving town for business? Don’t hire a pet sitter to take care of your furry friend. Happy Paws Resort offers top-notch boarding services that are better than hiring a pet sitter. At our resort, your furry friend will receive personalized attention and supervision, as well as a range of activities to keep them entertained and active. Our experienced staff members are trained to cater to your pet's individual needs, including any medical requirements or dietary restrictions. Unlike a pet sitter who may only be available for a few hours a day, our team is on-site and fully dedicated to providing your pet with a comfortable and enjoyable stay. You can relax knowing that your pet is in good hands at Happy Paws Resort.

Complete Care

As a pet parent, we understand that leaving your beloved furry family member behind when you go on a trip can be a stressful experience. That's why our boarding service at Happy Paws Resort is dedicated to ensuring the complete care and well-being of your pet while you're away. We go above and beyond by providing more than just a place for your pet to sleep. Our goal is to make your pet feel like they're on a vacation too, with plenty of one-on-one attention, exercise, playtime, and love. We even offer grooming services so that your pet can feel pampered and refreshed while you're gone. With our expert staff on hand, you can rest easy knowing that your furry friend is in the best possible care. Contact our office today to discuss your next trip, and let us take care of your pet's every need.

Complete and individual care for each and every dog personality

Our Packages

Pricing & Add-Ons

Canine Suite: $50.00 Per Night

Have another dog that needs a staycation? Add them into the same suite for only $30.00 Per Night!

Premium Bedding Upgrade:


Administer Oral Medication:


Administer Injectable Rx:


Holiday Premium Charge:


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