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Meet Our Groomer


Meet Aliceia Callaway, our dedicated groomer at Happy Pawz Pet Resort. With over a decade of experience in working with animals, she honed her grooming skills in the heart of New York City, right in the bustling streets of Manhattan. After perfecting her craft, she expanded her expertise to Ohio before making her home here in Michigan. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Aliceia seized the opportunity to further advance her knowledge by enrolling in various grooming courses. Her extensive expertise encompasses different breed cuts, hand stripping, and cording techniques, making her a valuable addition to our team. She's thrilled to be here and can't wait to meet everyone!

At our pet resort, we understand that pets, like people, deserve love and pampering. Our professional grooming services offer your furry friend a chance to indulge in well-deserved care while maintaining their cleanliness and overall health. When you schedule a grooming appointment with us, we prioritize your pet's unique needs by offering services such as shampooing, fur brushing, nail trimming, and teeth cleaning. This ensures that your pet not only looks their best but also feels their best, enjoying a healthy and happy life in every possible way.

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Book Your Grooming Appointment

Our groomers are a team of hard-working individuals who strive to make your pets feel pampered. They’re highly skilled and trained and continually surpass our customers’ expectations. 

Let your pet feel loved and cared for. Schedule an appointment today and find out about our de-shedding shampoo options, designed to keep your home cleaner and your pet happier. Pamper your pet and vacuum less. 

This form is not a guarantee of an appointment. We will call you to verify, and discuss your options for grooming your pet.

All pets scheduled for professional grooming are required to have the vaccinations, preventatives, and tests in accordance with the Boarding Policy. If your pet doesn’t have these vaccines, we’re able to administer them. Regardless if we do it or not, a licensed veterinarian must administer these vaccinations.

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